Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Introducing the Kids of GTH, ATH, and BTH

We accepted 17 new kids into our transition program this fall!  Eleven of these are kids that I work with on a daily basis.  So, I thought I'd introduce them to you starting with GTH.  We started in October with seven girls.  By November, we were down to six girls and by the end of December we were down to five girls.  I'll introduce you to five of the girls and explain why two of the girls left.  So without further adieu...the players of the transition programs 2012/2013!

This is Alina and she is from Voluntari.  She is attending her final year of college and doing a manicure/pedicure course/hair cutting course.  She would like to work as a manicurist/pedicurist!
This is Ioana and she is from Peris.  She is Alina's sister.  She is working in a salon as an apprentice doing hair.
This is Ionela and she is from Rosiori.  She is full of life.  She is taking the manicure/pedicure/hair cutting course and working as an apprentice in the hair salon!
This is Elena and she is from Rosiori.  She is very timid, but, very sweet.  She is taking a cooking course and is hoping to work in a restaurant!
This is Claudia and she is from Peris.  She is happy-go-lucky and very agreeable!  She took a waitress course before she came to our house and has taken a computer course since being in our house.  We are hoping for her to get a job.
This is Ionut and he is from Voluntari.  He has just finished college and his thesis.  He is looking for a job! 
This is Toader and he is from Voluntari.  He is taking the manicure/pedicure/hair cutting course and will be looking for a job very soon!
This is Marius and he is from Rosiori.  He works part-time at Starbuck's, is taking the manicure/pedicure/hair cutting course and is studying to take his end of high school exam.  He would possibly like to go to college.
This is Berki and he is from Peris.  He took the hair cutting course last spring before coming to our program.  He is currently working as an apprentice at the salon.
BTH boys at Nenciulesti-October 2012
front: Sandel, Florin back: Adi, Marinel, Ciprian, Alex
These are the boys that live in Nenciulesti at the boy's transition home.  I don't have direct contact with them, but they come to stay at the team house about once a month.

So, there were two other girls that started in October with us.  One of them, Maria left by the beginning of November because she just wasn't happy.  The other girl, Flori, was with us through December.  She took and finished a waitressing course.  The place where she was doing her practicum offered her a job, so she decided to move out of the house and move in with her sister.  

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