Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Fun Times in California!

 Every year, I go home for about a month.  This year, I went home after Christmas and the Holiday Team.  I had many things planned...Disneyland with the family, a pink birthday party for my 40th (which gets its own post), visits to my nieces and nephews, a trip to San Francisco/shopping at the outlets with my friends, and many lunches and dinners out with family and friends!  I always enjoy reconnecting with loved ones that I have not seen in awhile and wait to see how the Lord is going to bless my visit.  This year was no exception!
Meeting Mickey!

Waiting for World of Color

Ice Skating with Tanner

Shoveling Snow and making Choo Choo tracks for Jett
I celebrated my actual 40th birthday with these two
At the zoo with Micah and Lucy
Let's see if I can get this right....the first annual second tree lighting!  In other words, we burned their Christmas tree!  It went up in flames soooo fast!  Kind of scary to think about!
Playing at the mall!

We started our girl's weekend with a little shopping at The Gilroy Outlets!  We had a little photo shoot that night at the hotel!
Whose feet are whose?  We all bought a new pair of shoes!
We rode the BART into San Fran and had a fun day of walking around,  shopping, and eating at the Cheesecake Factory on the top floor of Macy's!

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