Sunday, October 18, 2009

The new girls!!

On October 5th, the fourth generation of girls moved into the girl's transition house.  There are four girls, two from Alexandria and two from Galati.  They are lovely girls....very obedient and so excited to learn new things.  During the first week, they learned all about our house and how things work.  They also had their first recorder lesson, which they were so excited about!  They will hopefully be performing a song for our Thanksgiving celebration.  So, without further adieu, may I introduce you to the 2009/2010 transition house girls! 

Catalina is from the girl's orphanage in Alexandria.  She turned 26 years old last Sunday.  We celebrated her birthday by coming in to Bucharest for church and then had a cake and presents out at Snagov when we returned from church.  She finished school a couple years back and had been living in the school in Alexandria (not a very good situation). She is very docile and sweet, yet at the same time very boyish in the way she has her hair cut and in the way she dresses.  She is very helpful around the house and is always the last one to help finish a task.

Silvia is also from the girl's orphanage in Alexandria.  She finished school last February.  She is a girl in every sense of the word.  She loves to dress like a girl and spends at least a half an hour in the bathroom every evening.  The other day when I told the girls we were going to have guests, she and two of the other girls went up to their room and made themselves up complete with makeup and cute clothes.  

Andreea is also from Galati.  She is a delight and joy to always be around.  She always has a smile on her face, a song coming from her mouth, and a super attitude.  She is yearns to learn new things and is accepting of everyone.  Andreea has three sisters in Galati and has spent a lot of time with a missionary family in her hometown.  She is excited to learn to play the piano.  She speaks English quite well, loves Jesus and is eager to share her faith with others. 

A Baptism...

Marieta, one of the graduates from the third generation, was baptized at the end of September by the pastor at a little chapel in Bucharest.  She was surprised and shocked that I would come to this special event in her life.  I was so glad that I took the time from my busy days to go to her baptism.  It was neat to see her dedicate herself fully to God!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A "Working" Vacation

At the end of September, I went on a 4-day “working” vacation.  Doina and Eugenia, two of the transition graduates from the first generation, received vacation coupons to use to go on a vacation.  Doina and Eugenia had no clue how to use these or even what to do with them.  So, I offered to take them and help them with all the details (thinking back, I don’t know what was in my head that I would be able to handle Eugenia for 4 days straight).  I asked them where they wanted to go and they said to the seaside. It was at a time when the weather was a little cooler, but there weren’t as many people and it was a little cheaper.  I made arrangements for us to stay at a hotel that was near to the Black Sea in Constanta that also had a restaurant.  We walked along the beach, Doina swam in the sea for the first time, watched movies, stayed in a 3 star hotel, and ate good food.  Of course Eugenia had her moments, because it wouldn’t be normal for her not to have a moment, but Sunday morning before we were to get on the train to come home, I asked them what had been their most favorite part of the trip.  Doina said she enjoyed the beach, getting in the water, watching movies and taking pictures (our trip would not have been complete without taking a few pictures).  Eugenia said the best part was that I came with them and stayed with them for four days.  Looking back on the experience, that comment changed my whole attitude.  The fact that I took time out of my busy days and spent time with them, made an impact and an impression on their lives.  WOW!!