Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Baby Photo Shoot and Mother's Day!

Last week we had a team here, so since it was Mother's Day on March 8th, we decided to gather our Mommies and Me group for a special meeting.  One of the ladies on the team is a specialist on nutrition for babies and what to feed them when.  Our moms need lots of help in this area.  We even made baby food and they got to take home what they made!
Here we are learning what is good for babies to eat!
 Sweet Potatoes...
....and applesauce!
Ruthie got her first taste of sweet potatoes.  She loved them!

While the moms were in the kitchen cooking away, the babies were having a photo shoot!  Here are some of my favorites from the day...
Here I am with all 4 of my kids!!!  

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Just because...

These are my nephews and my niece!  I think the world of them!  I think they are really cute!


Another Birthday, Another Year....

I celebrated my birthday on February 5th!  My wonderful roommate made me a delightful breakfast and took me to do my most favorite thing to do in the whole world....a pedicure.  When we arrived home, our staff was waiting to have a surprise 70's party.  Did you know that the game Twister was invented in 1973?  Did you know that airbags were invented in 1973?  Did you know that the World Trade Center was dedicated in 1973?  We had a lot of fun playing 1973 trivia, Twister, and of course eating chocolate fondue since fondue was very popular in the 70's!

Playing Twister
Complete with a disco ball

New Baby in the Heart to Heart Family

We had a new baby born in the Heart to Heart family...

His name is David Emanuel...

He was born on February 3rd...if he would have waited two more days we could have had the same birthday...

He is healthy and doing well.  His big sister is Rebeca.  She loves to give him kisses!


I love going to visit our mommies and their babies!
The times that I have with them are always so sweet!
My babies are all little angels sent from heaven!
Ruthie is so happy all the time!

Emanuel is very sweet and docile!

Little David, Adriana, me, and Rebeca

Mariana with Emanuel

Ruthie hanging out on "Grandma's" shoulder!
Rebeca is very stubborn but very sweet with her new little brother!

Apartment Visits

One of my jobs is to visit the apartments where our girls live.  Often I will go over and watch a movie with them and cook a meal.  They love it!  They love just having someone come and see them and spend time with them.
Doina is so sweet!

Eugenia gives me a run for my money!

Catalina quit her job and was unable to find a new job.  She went back to live in Alexandria where she came from and now wants to come back to Bucharest!

Youth Group Party

We finally held the long-awaited youth group Christmas party in the middle of January.  It got canceled in December for various reasons...I was stuck in London...there were car problems...there was snow...  The list could go on.  All said and done, everyone had fun!

We invited 40 kids from the orphanages of three different places where we work.  They had to attend our weekly youth groups and have 90% attendance in order to come.  We decided to have the party at Pipera because it was not quite a mid point for all three places, but close enough.  We played loads of games, ate good food, sang, and had a devotional.  We gave the kids a little time at the end to hang out with their new friends.  They can't wait for the next party!



New Year's 2010!!

I finally made it back to Romania in time for the Holiday team and to celebrate New Year's with our Transition kids!  We had an amazing party complete with Minute to Win It games, good food, and 2 babies  (Ruthie and Rebeca came for the fun)!  The kids rang in the New Year with fireworks and by running down the street.  It was really cold outside, so I stayed in with the baby!  :)  Here's some pictures to show you what we did...
They had to get the cotton ball on their nose.  Their nose had vaseline on it!!

Balancing cars...very shaky business...

Alina trying to get the cookie from her forehead to her mouth...without using her hands!

Ruthie!!!  My mom made these adorable headbands!