Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Unloading the Container

Our container that we were expecting before Christmas finally came on January 12th!  We had a small team here that helped us unload plus all of the Bucharest/Snagov/Ghermanesti staff!  We had it all out of the truck and in the garage in a half an hour!  Praise God for such great supporters that send us these things for our ministry!

Youth Group Party

We have three youth groups: Peris, Voluntari, and Rosiori.  The kids got to come to Pipera for the winter youth group party based on their attendance at youth group.  Basically, if they are a regular attender, they get to come.  We had 50 kids on the list to come, but only about 45 were able to come.  This year we had games, good food, awesome worship, a discussion about goals and dreams, and a little bit of time to hang out at the very end.  The kids were excited to hang out together and to come together as one big group.

Lovin' on the Kids!

It is so fun to visit the kids when they are not in school!  We are able to just play with them, love on them and bless them with presents!

Sometimes they get underwear that are too big for them!!  :)

New Year's Eve 2011

By New Year's Eve, I was back in Romania.  In fact, I left America the day after Christmas.  As I flew through London, I was remembering a year ago and was hoping I didn't have to spend an extended vacation there.  I didn't and was welcomed home by this team.
For New Year's Eve, we invited the transition graduates to our house!  We played Amazing Race games, ate soup and lots of cookies!  We welcomed the new year in with fireworks and a dance party!

These two little cuties helped us welcome in the New Year!
I am in this picture...you just can't see my face!!  They pulled me into this...pile of people on the floor!

Johnson Family Christmas 2011

I was blessed to be home for Christmas this year.  Since I spent the week up at my sister's house the week before Christmas, we decided to have it at her house.  We spent that week preparing for the occasion; baking, cooking, and even squeezing in a manicure!  Micah was a huge help and kept volunteering his services!!  
As is normal for the Johnson family, the kids had to have a little performance before they could open presents!  My mom found the best costumes!  They were very cute.  The minute Tanner put on her costume, she took on the role of Mary and became very calm and serene and held the "baby Jesus" so nicely.  Enjoy the performance through these pictures!

 Christmas Eve evening, my mom, dad and I drove up to Hume Lake and spent the night at my brother's neighbors house.  We were up bright and early and went over to watch Jett and Tanner get their gifts from Santa!
Tanner got the dollhouse she wanted!

And Jett got a rocking horse made by my brother!

I Almost Forgot!!

My family also went to the beach while I was home!  We enjoyed each others company, visited the elephant seals, ate out, celebrated my sister's birthday and of course had a family photo shoot on the beach!  Praise God for the blessing they are to me!

Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Do When I'm Home!

My time at home is always very, very busy and this year was no exception!  I arrived the day before Thanksgiving and immediately went to visit supporters on Thanksgiving Day (thankful for the Kuest's that they provided a yummy Thanksgiving meal and great fellowhip)!  The fam came next and then it was off to Hume Lake to visit Tanner and Jett and of course Jay and Jen, too.  We had such fun putting up their Christmas tree, having and tea party, playing in the park and walking by the lake!

After I was at Hume, I came home to my parent's house to do some resting and relaxing....haha!  I filled my days with speaking at my church, shopping, and visiting with friends.  I finished off that time with a little trip to Disneyland with my friends!

The last part of my time was spent visiting Micah and Lucy and Jill and Adam, of course!  We had lots of fun going to Skywalk, going out and looking at the beautiful Christmas lights, and making lots and lots of Christmas cookies!  Micah loved helping Jill and I in the kitchen!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were the last two things on my agenda!  I'll save that for my next post!!

Thanksgiving 2011

Slowly but surely, I'm getting caught up...
This year, I celebrated Thanksgiving three times!  Yep you read that right, three turkey dinners for me.  The first Thanksgiving dinner was a little chaotic with the guest list rounding out at about 70 people!  Whew!  It was a busy few days of preparations, but really enjoyed having Phyllis, Harold, Joyce, John and Jeannette here to help us and give us lots of good "mom" advice on how to do things!!

The second Thanksgiving was actually on Thanksgiving Day.  Since my brother and sister were going to their in-laws for Thanksgiving, my parents and I were invited over to some friend's house.  I don't have a picture from that day (I was way too jet lagged), but we did have fun catching up and visiting.

The third Thanksgiving was two days after the actual Thanksgiving when the whole fam was able to get together!  It is always so good to be together...there is so much to be thankful for!!