Monday, August 20, 2018

June and July 2018

June and July blurred together in the blink of an eye!!  We hosted 5 interns, 5 teams plus some individuals.  By the time it was all said and done, we also did 10 camps with the kids from the orphanages that we work in.  We used a curriculum from Hume Lake Christian Camps that was a pirate theme based on the life of Peter.  The kids dug into His word and learned about putting their trust in Jesus.  I, once again, did a lot of cooking and food art!  I was blessed to have my Mom and Buni (Mrs. C) come to visit me and help me out a lot during a very stressful time.  It was a very hard summer for me...I was tired much of the time because I still haven't been sleeping very well...but, through it all, God has things in His hands and worked out all the details that we had planned out for His good.  Through His strength and all the helping hands that we had, we finished strong.  Some highlights were: 
Celebrating the baptisms of our two transition boys

Celebrating with our family the transition graduation

Attending the baby dedication of Katelyn, the daughter of Fanel, one of our transition graduates

The school year came to an end for many and reading classes were done until the fall

Cooking and shopping (always with lots of helping hands) for the teams

Many swim parties

Many sunsets

Special times spent with loved ones

Hanging out with kids

Making new friends (our youngest team member this summer) - 10-month old Rylie from Wichita

My first time cooking at our boy's transition house at the camps for the Rosiori Kids.  This was probably one of the best highlights of my summer!  #lostinnenciulesti

Our basement flooded

Thank you for all of your many prayers, thoughts and support!  All of this couldn't be done without the faithfulness of many who pour out their blessings and coveted prayers for me.  In the moments when things are hard, I cling to this verse:

May 2018

We kicked off May 1st with a BBQ at our house to celebrate a Romanian National Holiday!  

We were very busy getting things prepared for summer this month.  The cover came off the pool...and we swam in was very, very cold!!!

I did some cooking in preparation for our summer teams...

I finished my reading classes for the school year....

We celebrated three transition graduate birthdays....they all want to celebrate with us!!!  There is always a party at our house!

Jen and I had quite a few meetings like this planning out all the details for summer!!

Our house got the trim updated/painted...

Fanel is one of our transition graduates.  He, along with his wife Andreea and their two daughters, live in England.  They came to Romania to take care of some paperwork.  They stayed at our house for a couple of days.  It was nice spending time with them and getting to know Abygail and Katelyn!

Mid May, Jen, Heather, Melissa and I, decided to get away from the city for a few days before all of the craziness of summer started.  We decided to drive to Ruse, Bulgaria.  It was a nice time away....with a little bit of sightseeing and a whole lot of rest and relaxation going on.