Thursday, August 11, 2011

Andreea and Fanel's Wedding

This last weekend, I went to a wedding.  It started on Friday with the civil ceremony.
It's official!!!

Saturday was the wedding.  It started with a two-hour church ceremony.  

There was an hour and a half break.
The reception followed with a five-course meal, pictures and lots of fun games led by yours truly!!

Congratulations Andreea and Fanel!  I'm so proud of you and so happy that I could be a part of your special day!

My Roberto

I call him "my Roberto"...
That toothless grin gets me every time!

Sometimes he's bad and wants to hit me...

Other times he just sticks out his tongue....

But, he's just so cute!!!

Cute Kids

The kids at Peris are just so cute...
Some are happy... 
Some are sad (sometimes)....

Some want to be like Zac Efron....

And, some just want a ball...all the time!!

Youth Group Party

Heart to Heart had three youth groups this at Peris, one at Voluntari and one in Rosiori.  The kids that had 90% attendance were invited to come to a party mid-year and then at the end of the year.  About forty kids were invited to come to Tineretului Park for an afternoon of our final Minute to Win It Competition, hanging out with friends, and playing in the park.  A fun time was had by all!!

At the Grocery Store...

This what it looks like when I help shop for: a team, a girly camp, and a boy's camp!!  One shopping cart per person....and there were six of us!!  Fun times!!

Swim Parties and teams

We did amazing things this summer!!  We held 4 girly camps, a boy's back packing excursion, 4 boy's camps, a 9-day music camp that included about 50 kids participating, day camps for the kids in Rosiori, Alexandria, Peris, and Voluntari, and about 15 swim parties!  Throw in six interns and five teams and visits to Voluntari, Peris and the baby hospital and we were busy, busy, busy!  Whew!!  I spent a lot of my time in the pool.  Here are some of the highlights from my point of view...

Girly Camps

This summer we facilitated four girly camps at our Snagov house.  The girls learned all about the Purity Code and how to live a sexually pure life in the eyes of God.  Some of the lessons involved turning trash into M&Ms (to show that what we put into our minds can either be good or bad), eating a really good hamburger and then blending a hamburger (to show how messed up our lives can get) and examining a pig's heart (to demonstrate that we need to guard our hearts).  The girl's had fun doing girly things...nails, facials, flower making, cooking, various other crafts, and a photo scavenger hunt extravaganza.  It was neat to see the girls reconnect with friends from past years and also to see new friendships formed.  The last camp was my favorite.  There were only four girls and four staff.  It was really great for them to have the one on one attention and we were able to have more in depth conversations with them.

4th of July

What do four Americans in Romania spend the 4th of July doing?   Well, we, the four American missionaries of Heart to Heart spent the morning putting in our papers to get our five-year visa.  Yes, I said five-year visa!!!  In the past we have had one-year visas, but we have figured out how to get one for five years.  Yesterday, we picked them up!!