Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Holiday Team 2012/2013

The holiday team is a time when we get to spend extra time with the kids at the orphanage (because they are on vacation) and to deliver Christmas presents!  I helped deliver some of the presents to the apartments in Rosiori.  I also spent a day playing with the kids at Peris!  The Lord truly blessed me with special reconnections in Rosiori with some of the girls I've worked with at girly camp during the summer (even though it was very short).  The holiday team this year was really great with quite a few team members that returned from past years and also new faces.  It is a blessing to see them be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ!  It was also pretty cool to see our current transition kids interact, play with and show affection to the kids at the orphanages. They got to visit some of our ministry sites and some of their old "homes" alongside our team members.  The team also participated in a very special event: Mariana/Sunny (one of our transition graduates from our first generation of girls) celebrated her golden birthday...28 years old on the 28th of December!  She loved her rainbow cake and 28 gifts (many of which she received 28 of the same thing)!

Mariana, the birthday girl

playing cards with Diana's rules and she kind of cheats :)
Josh, Jim and I had the opportunity to speak at our church about H2H
The Holiday Team with the BTH boys

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