Sunday, January 17, 2010


The day after Christmas I headed to St. Louis to help Jodi, Jill and Marinela at Urbana.  I was so happy to see Marinela, who moved to San Diego from Romania last summer.  She is doing really well and we had a fun time sharing a hotel room together, talking in Romanian and speaking with students at Urbana about Heart to Heart.  During one of our free mornings we visited the St. Louis Arch.  Marinela was so afraid that the train up to the top was going to be like one of the rides at wasn't!

Take us up to the top!!

Marinela and I chatting with students as they stop by and visit our booth!  Hopefully we will have a big team this summer!

Christmas 2009

I was so blessed to be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas this year.  We celebrated on Christmas Eve.  Knowing that it was going to be the last time that I see my family for a whole year, I was pretty emotional My mom has made it her mission to have a little program with the this year they were two, cute, adorable angels.  We had a delicious dinner topped off with red velvet cheesecake!

The little cuties in their Christmas best!
More pictures coming soon...


My family and I spent a fun filled weekend at the beach in Cambria.  It was a really nice time of being together...laughing and playing with the kids and celebrating my sister's birthday!  We visited the elephant seals and Moonstone Beach.

Me at sunset on Moonstone Beach

Me with my precious Micah and Tanner...they've gotten sooooo big!

My family at Moonstone Beach...maybe next year everyone will be looking at the camera smiling!!  

Tusi Time!

I spent the month of December stateside in California.  While there, I spent one week with my niece and her mom and dad and then one week with my nephew and his mom and dad.  With Tanner, my niece, I was able to help them pick out their Christmas tree, go to the swings, and hang out at their house.  We had a fun time playing, decorating their Christmas tree, and taking pictures.

Do you see the sheer look of JOY on Tanner's face?  We had a fun time running around Home Depot, playing chase and laughing!

Decorating the tree

Tusi and Tanner having lots of fun at Hume Lake
The next week, I went to spend time with and take care of Micah while his Mom and Dad were at work.  We had lots of fun going to the mall to play, going to my sister's school for lunch, and going to the zoo!

We had fun playing at home!

Here we are trying to get a really great picture of Micah for his Christmas card...

At the zoo with Mr. Micah...I think we were looking at a bird!

Making Zweiback

Every year for Thanksgiving, I make zweiback.  These are a homemade roll that are a tradition in my family and Jen's and have become a tradition in the H2H family. Heidi, our intern had never made homemade bread, so she helped me knead the dough.  I always love eating a zweiback right out of the oven with butter and homemade strawberry jam!

We made almost 8 dozen zweiback for our 60 guests!

Fresh out of the oven!!

Lettuce Wraps!!

I discovered some new recipes in November for lettuce wraps and friend rice!  We love them!!

Here we are enjoying them right before Thanksgiving!

Our beloved intern, Heidi, enjoying the yummy lettuce wraps!

Thanksgiving 09

This year, I was able to celebrate Thanksgiving three times!  Kind of crazy, I know!  The first Thanksgiving was celebrated in Romania with a guest list that included 60 people, 4 turkeys, 12 pies, and lots of fun!  The girls and the boys, current and graduates really got into the program this year and participated in skits, recorder duets and dances.

Jen, Krista and I made about 10 pies

This is Marius, one the boy's transition house graduates sharing what he is thankful for.

Current GTH girls, one staff, and our intern doing a dance

The final producation of the evening was a rendition of "The Ugly Turkey" played by GTH graduate girls and myself!  We had a fun time and even ended with the Chicken Dance!

Thanksgiving number two was spent at my sister's house with her family, her in-laws and my mom and dad on Thanksgiving Day.  I got to see my nephew for the first time in a year.  Thanksging number three was a brunch at my parent's house with my brother and his family, my sister and her family, mom, dad, aunt, and cousin.  I had a fun time spending the weekend together with them all and reacquainting after a year apart.

Here I am with my newphew, Micah, at Thanksgiving number three!