Tuesday, August 11, 2009

One other summer highlight...

With the transition grads
Making the jam
Dad and I on the hike up to "Dracula's" Castle
At Rasnov Fortress
Mom and Dad at Peles Castle

My mom and dad came to visit me in Romania. This was their first time out of the USA, other than Canada and Mexico. I, of course took them to our different ministry sites, and also up to the mountains to visit two castles and a fortress. We had a great time! We taught my fellow missionary friends how to play 3 to 13. We also made 3 batches each of strawberry and raspberry jam and had a BBQ and swim party with the transition grads!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Summer Times

Summer teams and such is winding down. It has been busy since we started in May and have pushed through to the middle of August. This summer, I led the camp team (6 mini camps with the Rosiori kids and 3 with the Peris kids)! Whew! My two most favorite camps were the two camps with the older kids. It was nice to have a little more free time with them and to bring them to swim in the pool at Pipera. I have loved spending time with my kids at Peris, especially Oana and Claudiu, who are my kids that I've become their "mom".