Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Summer 2014 Recap

Family and Friends Visit
It seems like summer was so long ago….and this should have been written months ago.  June kicked off with what we called the J-Team….the Jenny Team.  My mom Rita, my aunt Suzie and a long time family friend, Linda, came to visit me here in Romania.  We had a lot of fun going to the zoo with the mommies, attending a baptism, visiting the kids, making jam, eating out, visiting Sinaia and spending time with each other.

While the J-Team was here, two of our boys from the boy's house and one girl from the Rosiori orphanage, made the decision to follow Jesus for  the rest of their lives and they were baptized!  I'm so proud of you Alex, Bogdan and Isabela!

Summer Time
During the summer, H2H had about 75 short term team members serve with us from May through August.  It was a very full and busy time!!  Our summer theme was the Fruit of the Spirit and Experiencing God.  It was our hope to bring this message to reality with the children and youth.  The younger kids got to attend Day Camp at Pipera for two days and through the stories, games and crafts, the children were able to learn how to develop love, joy, peace, patience, goodness and kindness.  Of course, they also got to swim in our pool those two afternoons, which was the biggest joy for them! I spent a lot of my time in the kitchen preparing meals for the kids.  What was their favorite, you might ask?  Pizza and Shaorma!!  Shaorma is a Romanian fast food that is a wrap filled with chicken, french fries, cabbage, pickles, onions, ketchup, and garlic sauce.  And, boy is it tasty!!

H2H also had two sessions of teen camp, teaching the kids to seek a deeper relationship with God so they can experience more of God.  They got to play larger than life games, such as, Angry Birds, Jenga, Mario Kart, and Plinko.  They had a lot of fun and learned the importance of experiencing God rather than just acting like they know God.

Celebrating Summer Birthdays
Throughout the school year, we have the privilege of helping the kids celebrate their birthdays.  Many of them don't even know that when their birthday is and sometimes even how old they are.  It is so neat to be able to show up with cupcakes and a small present and help them to celebrate their lives!

Ruthie's Big Announcement
Late this summer, Alina, Ruthie's mom, told me that they needed to talk to us about something, but, later….the next day at church as it turned out.  I had a hunch, but, wanted to let them do this their way. After church, we went to the mall and they told us that God was blessing them….
And so, the H2H family is growing with another grand baby!  We absolutely can't wait and are thrilled for Robi and Alina.  Little baby girl will make her appearance sometime in late February/early March!

Ruthie, who I just adore, has just exploded with personality and sass this summer!  She loves all things pink, the movie Frozen, and dancing!  She can't wait to be a big sister….although, her world is about to change as she will not be the center of her parents' universe…nor ours for that matter!  She was around quite a bit this summer, helping and participating in our summer programs.

Looking Ahead
The week of Janaury 18-24, 2015, will be H2H's 20th Anniversary Celebration!  You are welcome to join us for this fun week as all of the H2H missionaries come to California to celebrate God's goodness and faithfulness.  All of us will be sharing about the ministries in Romania throughout the week at various luncheons and speaking engagements.  Plans include a Disneyland Day with the H2H family.  Everyone is invited!  The week will conclude with an afternoon of fellowship, with highlights of the past 20 years.