Thursday, May 10, 2018

Why I Love What I Do!

Just a few reasons why I love what I do:
I get to be "Grandma" to Ruthie, Karla, Daria, Eric, Carla and eight others!!!  Pray that they would grow up knowing Jesus and knowing that they are loved very, very much!

I get to teach some of the kids at Peris how to read in Romanian.  These two guys are Darius and Dan.  They are a newish group for me and we are working on learning letters.  When I arrive at Peris, they are usually playing outside and will ask me when it is their turn to come to my class.  They are very serious about learning!  Dan has some learning disabilities and Darius very smart and catches on quick.  Pray that they will not get bored and continue to want to come.  Pray that Dan's mind would miraculously remember all that I am teaching him.

I get to spend most Saturdays with Karla and her sister, Ruthie.  Karla is at the stage where she loves to do her makeup and is knows what she wants to wear.  The other day she was wearing the shorts in the second picture.  She told me that she didn't want to wear them anymore because they weren't cute!  She wanted a spinny (a dress that she can spin in).  Oh boy!  Watch out world!!  Pray that she will always know who she is in Christ and submit to authority!

I get to do holidays with a very large, extended family of transition kids.  We celebrated Easter on April 1st.  Many plastic eggs with candy and money....even the golden egg worth about $13....were found and we had a  special day spending time together!  Pray that they would make wise decisions.

 I get to work with teams from all over the United States and other places in the world.  What a blessing for others to give up their time to come and extend our hands to help us love on our kids.  Pray that not only the kids would be affected by our team members but that the lives of the team members would be touched by serving the kids of Peris, Voluntari, Rosiori and the babies at the hospital.

I get to choose to spend my Sunday afternoon at the park hanging out, playing, eating and dancing with some of my favorite people!  Pray that we will continue to make memories that will last a lifetime!