Sunday, February 24, 2019


I've spent the last month and a few days stateside, in California, on furlough.  I've visited many family and friends, been to the beach, had countless meals at my favorite Mexican restaurant-Loma Linda, invited friends over for dinner and had precious moments with special friends.  I have about a month left to go in my furlough.  I'm so very grateful for my extended time this year to especially spend time with my Mom and Dad and have some extra time away to reflect, rest and refresh!

I was blessed to get to go to DISNEYLAND with my very good friends!

I celebrated my birthday with three different cakes!

My siblings and nieces and nephews and I had a snow day up at Hume!

Christmas in Romania - 2018

Christmas time is always so much fun in Romania.  I get to help hand out Christmas presents, spend extra time with our current transition kids, make lots of Christmas cookies (with special helpers 💗), go to many Christmas concerts and programs and be "Santa Claus" on Christmas Day!


I had a large group of transition kids and graduates help me decorate my house.  It was so fun watching Angi pull things out of the boxes and decide where to put things.  She had a good time and has a great eye for where to put the decorations.

I took our two transition girls and Bella (one of our graduates) on a road trip to the Christmas market in Sibiu.  We had a fun weekend away!

I went to Daria's Christmas program at her pre-school.  She was so cute!