Thursday, January 3, 2019

So Much To Be Thankful For

Thanksgiving is one of H2H's most attended functions with our H2H family.  We always have a big feast with all the fixings and then we usually have a time when the kids can share something that they are thankful for or something that God has done in their lives.  This year, we decided not to have the sharing time.  As I was taking the kids to the subway station, one of the girls from our very first generation told me that she was disappointed that we didn't have the sharing time.  She had written a poem and wanted to share it with the group.  She sent me the poem--I was going to post it on social media--and then I forgot all about it!  So, here it is for all to enjoy!
by Raluca Mihai

What does it really mean
This day it is once a year,
To celebrate what the Lord
Has done for us.

We move through life
And forget how good He is,
We don't remember that
He is still giving us a lot.

It seems hard to give Him thanks
For the simple things that
Makes our lives more bearable.
And yet He still gives.

Thanks be given to Him for
Loving and accepting us the way we are.
Thanks be given to Him for
Never giving up on us.

Thanks be given to Him not just today,
For He never gets tired to give
What we need and desire.
Thanks to Him we are still here.

We rejoice that we have all, 
But still we complain.
Thanks be given to Him for enduring us.
Thank you Lord for putting up with us.

Fall 2018

Fall Ministry in Romania always makes me think of when I was teaching and starting a new school year....because that is what I am doing.  H2H started with a new group of transition kids in which I've been very involved with and I started up my reading classes at Peris again.

We rented a new apartment for the girls so I spent a lot of time helping them get it all fixed up and grocery shopping with them!

 The girls helped up get our eggplant in the freezer for this year!

And my reading classes are up and running again!  I have far less students this year due to downsizing in the orphanage (boo), but, the advantage is that I'm working pretty much one on one with all of my students!

We celebrated Ruthie's 8th birthday (how did she get this big??) with a bowling and unicorn party!  Everyone had a lot of fun and she got the All American Girl Doll she had been wanting for a long time!

There Is A First Time For Everything

One of the best things that I get to do is experience things for the first time with my transition kids.  Bella and Flori expressed interest in going on a vacation with me.  We decided to go to Greece.  This was their first time out of the country and their first time on an airplane.  It was fun to see their reactions to new things.  We had a lot of fun visiting the Athens, the Acropolis, the beach and celebrating Bella's birthday!