Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Letting them go...

Sometimes we have to let our kids go….they just want to spread their wings and fly.  That was the case today!  Alex and Ioana were both from Peris and both were in our transition program last year.  They got married in August in our backyard.  About two months ago, Alex met his brother on social networking for the first time.  His brother lives near Rome and has a home and a life there.  He invited them to come stay with him and work in Rome so they can save money and eventually come back to Romania and buy a home.  Alex told me he dreams of coming back and starting his own business.  We will definitely miss them here in Romania, but know that God will keep them in the palms of His hands.  Pray for them as they begin this new adventure!!

Valentine's Day 2014

Actually, these pictures were taken the day before Valentine's Day at Voluntari!  We have been trying to do some really fun things at the orphanage, especially for holidays.  I downloaded the new Pete the Cat Valentine's Day book onto my iPad, because who doesn't love Pete the Cat!  The kids at Voluntari were more interested in touching the iPad and changing the page then they were the story.  However, the kids at Peris were so attentive and listened to the story so well…too bad we didn't take any pictures at Peris.  I cut out a big heart from cardboard and let the little kids take pictures with it and throw balloons through it!  They absolutely loved it!!  We also had a heart hunt and made homemade Valentines!  The little ones were so cute as they made them for their favorite supervisors at the orphanage.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!


29 again!!

Well, I turned 29 again!!  Ha!!  I celebrated the day by not having to take care of anyone except for myself.  I had a massage booked, a manicure and a pedicure and basically hung out at the mall!!  Basically, I spoiled myself!!   I ended the day with a small party at the mall (because I certainly wasn't going to cook for myself)!!!  We had dinner together, had a few presents and ate chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting (Thanks, Haley)!!  I would do it all again!!!  Here are a few pics from the day!!


A couple of weeks ago, I took Ruthie to the orphanage with me.  She was on a break from school and her mom was working, so she pretty much went where I went and did what I did that week.  Anyways,  A little girl named Raluca at the Voluntari orphanage melted my heart the first day I brought Ruthie. She has only been at Voluntari for a couple of weeks so she is still learning the ropes and she is about four years old.  Raluca asked me who Ruthie was and if she was new there. I said no, she came with me and she is going home with me. With tears in her eyes, Raluca replied to that with, "Take me home with you, too!!" If only I could Raluca, if only I could.... Pray for her!! She is having a really hard time adjusting. I don't know her full story but my guess is she was in foster care and has now been returned to the system because they can't take care of her anymore!