Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Girl's Transition House, Boy's Transition House, and ATH!  ATH?  Some of you might be asking yourself what is ATH.  Well, we decided to start a new program this fall called ATH or Alternative Transition House.  We had four boys that are city boys (as opposed to country boys) and needed to live in Bucharest where they had more opportunities.  We decided that we would be able to do classes with the boys in Bucharest and the girls from Snagov together.  One of the apartments that Heart to Heart rents was delegated for these boys which we cleaned, repaired and arranged for the boys.

We have not had girls in the house at Snagov since 2010, so we had a lot of preparations to get ready for our Opening Day at the beginning of October.  We cleaned, painted, did yard work, and repaired the things that needed repairing.  We moved the ATH boys in on Friday, October 5th and the GTH and BTH girls and boys on Saturday, October 6th.

 This was the day that we picked up all the girls.  I picked up three girls from Rosiori, one girl from Voluntari, and one girl in Bucharest that is from Rosiori.  The two girls from Peris were picked up by one of our other staff members.  By the time I had all the girls from Rosiori and the Bucharest area, my van was pretty loaded down.  You don't realize what it's like to pack up your whole life and move until you pick up these girls.  They had a bundle of emotions in the car from nervous to happy to scared to sadness.
ATH boys at Snagov-October 2012

 We gathered the GTH girls and the BTH boys together at Snagov on opening weekend for a meal, introductions and of course some pictures!!
GTH girls at Snagov-October 2012

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