Saturday, January 7, 2017

2016 Year in Review





 June, July and August

 Latter part of August/September




Holiday Team 2016/2017

As soon as Christmas was over, I started getting everything ready for the holiday team that was arriving on the 27th.  Jen and I are a really good team and we are usually both here for this team.  But, this year was an exception since she has a wedding to attend.  So, Jim and I and the rest of the H2H staff took care of things this year!  The only thing I forgot to do was to have the first two groups of departures write in the team house guest book.  I'd say that's pretty good if that was all I forgot!  I was blessed to have dear friends here to help me celebrate Christmas and participate with the team!

We read stories, handed out Christmas presents, rang in the New Year and loved on a lot of kids!

Thank You holiday team for all of your hugs, smiles and love!  What a blessed time we had!

Joy To The World the Lord Has Come

Santa arrived about midnight

One picture before we open presents...

Okay, two with the whole group!!

The boys all received new jackets from Patagonia!

We bought this for Isabela after she quit her job!  I think she liked it!!

My family in California does a recreation of the manger scene every year.  I thought it would be fun to start the tradition in Romania!!  The cow and the sheep were a little preoccupied!!  Joy To The World The Lord Has Come!!

All Ruthie really wanted was a soft, fuzzy robe like mine!!

My girl, Isabela!!

Ruthie - 6 years old

Emi - 6 years old

Daria - 16 months

Karla - two months shy of two years old