Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Christmas Lights in Bucharest/Decorating the Tree/First Snow

I had the pleasure of spending Christmas in Romania.  I like to do fun things with the kids at this time of the year.  Bucharest does a great job of putting up lights and decorating the town.  A couple of different times I took the kids to look at the lights.  It wasn't so cold, however, the first time we went, it began to rain/snow.  We got home before it really started to come down, though.  I let the girls borrow hats and gloves and scarves.  They had fun accessorizing. 
These trees appeared that they were hanging in the sky.  I still can't figure out why they used green and blue!!
Me with all the girls
Me with Flori
Me with Ionela and Claudia
Me with Ana and Elena
Me with sisters Ioana and Alina
During this same time, I bought a Christmas tree for my house at Pipera.  I was actually able to get it in the pot and into the house with the help of my two little elves, Ionela and Claudia!
Everyone kept telling me that it wasn't full enough, but I liked it!
My little elves, Ionela and Claudia helping to decorate the tree!

Sometimes it is necessary to have a little fun and decorate ourselves!!
We also had our first snow of the season...about two feet.  Luckily, I had on any given day 3 to 4 elves to help me shovel!!  :)

They really were working quite hard!  Just look at the big pile of snow!

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