Sunday, June 14, 2015


This spring, two of our boys that were in our ATH (Alternate Transition House) apartment two years, decided to get baptized.  First, came Toader.  He has been a part of our programs from Buftea to Peris to Voluntari and finally in our transition program.  He has grown leaps and bounds and I am so pleased with his decision to follow Christ!  It has been neat to watch him get involved at our church and to grow spiritually and make his faith his own!

Next came Marius!  Marius and Toader were actually in the same apartment, same year of the transition program.  Marius always had a lot of questions, but, always doubted himself and none of us were sure that he would make a commitment to Christ!  But, he did!  He has been an amazing blessing to us this year, volunteering with us on his days off.  He has even decided that he would like to go to Bible College to learn more about the Bible!

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