Sunday, June 14, 2015

Furlough Time in the U.S.

It's always a great time to reflect and refresh in the U.S. once a year.  This year was no exception!  I had fun taking care of my brother's kids for a whole week while they were in Israel, attending all the H2H 20-year anniversary festivities (see here), hanging out with my friends and family, celebrating my birthday and going to the beach with my family (complete with photo shoot)!  Enjoy these pictures!
Pump It Up with Jill and her kids!
It's always a lot of fun to ice skate....although 4-year olds have a hard time....
Making pizza with Jett and Tanner!  Jett was an expert cheese grater!
Hart Park with Corny and the kids!  Too bad we didn't have any bread to feed the ducks!
It was fun showing Corny around Bakersfield and taking her to our favorite Mexican restaurant, Loma Linda!
Flux Fun Run with the girls, mom and Sean

My Birthday at The Cheesecake Factory!  I had a lot of help blowing out my candles!
Jett and I went to Build-A-Bear for his Christmas present!  Meet Batmany!
Family Photo Shoot at Pismo!
Aren't they cute?  I just can't get enough of them while I'm home!
My dear friend, Cathy was so kind to take me LAX!!  I treasure our friendship!!

These are the highlights!!  I could have posted so many more pictures!!  :)

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