Monday, August 24, 2015

Spring Teams

H2H always kicks off spring with a great team from Mission Possible out of Michigan.  This year was no exception!  The kids had lots of fun making Martisor flowers with Cindi and singing worship songs and playing with Adam (actually, he was a human jungle gym)!

Our next group came out of Indiana and these four ladies were awesome!  

Katie's Kids International was our next group of 13 and 14 year old African American girls and their sponsors.  They made quite an impression with their hair and their culture with our kids!

Sarah and Hayleigh from Michigan came next and they helped us celebrate Easter (more on that later) and helped me paint my room (more on that later, too)!!

Canada, Eh??  Dan and Luella bring a great team each year!  They missed Easter this year by just a few days, but, they were just in time to help us prepare ALL the food for later on in the summer.  We even had to bring in an extra freezer!  They got to help us celebrate H2H grand baby #8 by throwing a baby shower for Alex and Ioana!

CCC has sent a team to Romania for the last three years!  This is the church that Josh and Missy are from!  We had fun with them, especially the day we went to visit the kids at Tancabesti!  This group also got to participate in a special field trip to Starbuck's with some of the Peris kids.  One of our transition kids works at the Starbuck's in the center of Bucharest and invited 15ish kids to come learn how to get a job and hold a job.  Ruthie was also very, very excited to see Josh again!

Our spring teams ended with a fantastic group from Biola University!  They had a lot of fun working in Rosiori and up here in Bucharest!  They come every two years and typically are here for Children's Day on June 1st.  What do you do on Children's Day?  Throw a carnival, of course!

And, just like that, spring was over and summer was upon us with lots more fun to come!!

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