Tuesday, June 9, 2015

H2H 20-Year Anniversary Celebration

In November 2014, H2H celebrated 20 years of existence in Romania!  For a while, Jim and Jodi's dream was to bring all the current H2H staff to the U.S. for a big celebration.  So, they began to raise money and two very important visas had to be gotten: Costel and Doru's!  God was faithful and provided both the money and the visas (even when Doru shouldn't have received this visa since the last time he was in the U.S. he extended his stay just a little too long)!  
Plans came together and the staff would basically be in the U.S. for a 2 1/2 week time period.  The first part of the trip for everyone was either visiting their home church or supporting churches throughout the U.S.  This trip coincided with my furlough time at home, so, I made plans to speak in my church and have an Open House.  One of our Romanian staff, Corny, came also to Bakersfield and helped at my church presentation and then helped me cook come Romanian treats for a "Taste of Romania" Open House.  All of my family, friends and supporters just adored Corny and loved hearing her story.

Eating Chinese Food with Corny...her favorite!! 
Some friends of mine brought flowers for Corny and me!  Unfortunately, Corny had already left to come back to Romania!
Making Clatite (crepes) with Nutella for "A Taste of Romania"
Making salata de vinete (eggplant salad) for "A Taste of Romania"
Sharing about Romania with friend and supporters
From Bakersfield, Corny and I traveled to Disneyland to meet up with the rest of the staff.  Thanks, Lance O'Nesky, from Heritage Bible Church, for letting me borrow your truck!  What fun we all had spending time together and having fun!  Some highlights of the day were: riding Space Mountain with Costel, leading a group of about 15 people through the park and spending time with other H2H friends that have come over on teams!
H2H and friends of H2H 
We took this picture special for Ruthie!

Three Romanian brothers in Disneyland!
After Disneyland, all the staff traveled to Ramona, CA to have a week of staff meetings, sight seeing, and meetings with different churches, friends and supporters of H2H!  We culminated the week with an evening event celebrating God's faithfulness of 20 years of work in Romania!  It was a great for all the current staff from Romania to be together in the U.S. with friends, family, former staff, former team members and supporters of H2H!

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