Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Christmas 2014

I spent Christmas 2014 in Romania.  I thought it was going to be the most horrible thing ever.  I was going to be away from my family (not the first time), but, they were all getting together on Christmas Day to celebrate together without me.  On top of it, I would basically be by myself.  However, it turned out to be a very blessed time.  The H2H Romanian staff, a few other friends and some of the transition graduates made it to be a delightful celebration!
Decorating the tree and house with staff, friends and transition family!
Ruthie and I started a tradition of decorating a pink tree!
Ruthie visiting Santa at one of the Bucharest malls
Celebrating David's 3rd birthday
Christmas Party with the Branesti high school boys!
Christmas Party with the Voluntari Youth Group kids
Ruthie's School Celebration
I also spent some time in Rosiori with our Romanian staff and some of the kids down there.  I rarely get down there, so it was good to just hang out and spend some quality time with friends there!  On the way home from Rosiori, I stopped to visit Adriana and her family in Alexandria.  Adriana was my girl from Peris/Voluntari 10 years ago, then came to the girls house, lived in Bucharest for awhile, got married, had kids and then moved two hours away.  They are doing well, now, with 3 kids!
In Rosiori with little cutie Alina!
With the Badea kids....Rebeca, David, and little Timotei
And then, Christmas Day.  I invited about 20 transition kids, some staff and our friends Amy, Cristi and Gabi.  We had a relaxing day opening some gifts, having lunch together and watching the Polar Express!

Right after Christmas, we were prepared for the holiday team which was small this year, which was good as the whole H2H staff was preparing to go to the U.S. for the H2H 20-year anniversary celebration.  

The Holiday Team with some of our staff!
New Year's Eve...always a party!!

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