Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Ioana and Alex's Wedding

On Friday and Saturday, H2H had its fourth wedding and the second one to be in our courtyard!  Alex and Ioana both grew up at Peris and both went through our boy's and girl's programs this last year.  Jen and I quickly became the wedding planners/coordinators/hosts/mothers of the bride and groom!  We had a lot of fun putting together this purple and turquoise wonderland for them and preparing the food, cake, and arranging the entertainment!  We could not, however, done it without all of the H2H staff, family, and graduates!

The whole week before the wedding we had people here helping us with cleaning, food prep, shopping, decorating, making flowers and all the other preparations!  
Cookies with little purple flowers for the Civil Ceremony!

Flowers, flowers and more flowers!  They made our courtyard so beautiful!
Putting the cake together!
The finished product
At the Civil Ceremony!  They are legally married!

A fun game to see how well the bride and groom know each other!  They did pretty good!

The Happy Couple
We took leftover cake and fruit salad out to the kids at Peris!  They absolutely loved it!!

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