Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bridgeway Team/Transition House Graduation/4th of July

The church from Bridgeway sends a team to H2H every year in the middle of July.  They sent an awesome team that was full of energy and willing to do whatever we asked of them!  There were even three guys on the team that acted as jungle gyms for the little kids to climb on!  :)

They like to be here when we have the Transition House graduation.  Their church is always so generous in providing gifts for our graduates.  
We decided to read a blessing over each graduate.  I did one for Alex...
...and one for Toader!  They loved it!
Each graduate received a comforter, a set of sheets and a few other things
Our staff with the graduates!
We also celebrated the 4th of July with the Bridgeway team and since I didn't have enough to do, I made some special treats!

Also, included in the festivities during this time were more pool parties and we put together the invitations for Ioana and Alex's wedding!  Even the guys on the team got into the action!

Thanks, Bridgeway for another great year!!

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