Monday, August 19, 2013

Canada Team 2013

We here at Heart to Heart LOVE the Canada team!  They always come with such great ideas and always encourage us in what we are doing!!  This year was no exception!  The two weeks that they spend here every year are always so jam packed with activities; we really leave them no time to breathe! 

First event:  Girl's and Boy's Day!  We decided to combine them this year so that we wouldn't have so many events!!  We had fun sharing a meal together and then the boys and girls having separate times together.  Everyone also gets their picture taken by a photographer Dan or Debbie.  This year Debbie took the pictures and did a fantastic job!

Second event:  Wedding Dress shopping for our Ioana (one of the girls from the girl's transition house)!  The team decided that they wanted to gift Ioana by buying her wedding dress.  We had a fun day shopping.  Which one did she choose?  Stay tuned for a post about the wedding!

Third event: Prepping for Easter and getting the pool ready with the mommies (or throwing all the toys into the empty pool)!

Fourth event:  Easter!  This Easter was very special for us because two of our transition kids got engaged.  We have worked with Alex and Ioana for years and both of them were in our programs this year.  Alex decided that he wanted to propose to Ioana in a special way.  So, we set up not only a golden egg, but also a silver egg with an engagement ring that he would "conveniently" find.  He was so cute because he wrote a speech to say to her and memorized it and then had the ring in the silver egg!  She didn't really realize what was going on throughout the speech.  Only until he opened the egg with the ring did she realize what was going on.  

The Canadian team is always very generous and they didn't fail us this year.  They blessed us with money to buy a "new" used car!  Thanks, H2H Canada!!!

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