Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scottish Dinner and Staff Training

Each month during this last school year, our staff would get together and do something fun.  The staff was broken into groups and it was their responsibility to plan the activities for their specific month.  Well, since we have Kirsteen the Scottish Lassie on our staff, she helped her team plan their event complete with Haggis, an Ode to Robert Burns, and some Scottish dances.

At the end of February, our whole staff came together for a week of staff retreat.  We held it at Pipera.  I helped plan and cook the meals.  Jim and Roe Dodgen came from the states and held sessions with us about Strength Finders.  It was a nice to take a break from the everyday and slow down and learn from each other and study God's word together.  I especially enjoyed the last day when we had a 2 hour quiet time block.  It is always amazing what God reveals to us when we are quiet and listen.

We all got matching t-shirts and buffs!!

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