Thursday, August 2, 2012

Scoala Altfel

During the first week of April, Romania decided to do a different kind of school.  Schools were encouraged to do special activities, take field trips and do special projects.  The whole country participated in this project.

On Monday, we went to Rosiori and went to the forest with the boys from the boy's school in that area.  The team that was here talked about America and we did crafts related to America.  The director at this school really loves us and had special cakes made for us!
 On Tuesday we did the same America program at Peris...
 On Thursday, I taught a cooking class.  Others taught dance, music and sports....

 On Wednesday we watched a skit about dental hygiene...
 And on Friday, the dance group and the orchestra performed.  I didn't have pictures of these groups but other random pictures that I liked, so here they are!!

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