Saturday, December 25, 2010

Every Fall Brings Changes...

Every fall brings about changes here in Romania....  Changes in the temperature (hooray-finally we are not sweltering from the heat)...Changes in the trees (oh, how beautiful they are)...Changes in the programming and living arrangements (I like my new schedule). 
We were driving past this park the other day and I pulled out my camera to capture the beauty of the trees and their changing colors.
Yes, my schedule has changed.  I now live at the team house because most of my activities take place in and around Bucharest this year.  We have three mommies in our H2H family now and so I have started a mommies group to help them learn how to take care of their babies, to feed them spiritually, and to spend time with them.  They are enjoying the times we are spending together and we all look forward to Tuesday mornings!
These two gals are 9-months pregnant.  We were getting ready to leave a couple of weeks ago after our first meeting and we were in the hallway putting on our shoes.  It was so cute...Alina (mommy on the left) had her husband Roby with her (he actually came to help us do some outside work...thanks Roby!).  He bent down to tie her shoes for her because she couldn't anymore.  I thought to myself what a sweet gesture that was that he would serve her in that way.  I'm going to miss these girls as I get ready to go home for a one month visit, but they are excited to start our group back up in January after everything settles back down from the holidays.

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