Saturday, December 25, 2010

Baby Ruthie

Ruth Cristina Vaduva, daughter of Roby and Alina, was born Tuesday, October 19, 2010!  By Wednesday, Alina was bored and wanted to go home.  The Bucharest hospital had Nazi nurses and would not really let us in to see Ruthie or Alina.  The second day, Alina came out of the ward (where you had ot have a special key to enter) to visit with us.  She was excited to see friends!!  On Friday, her doctor discharged her (otherwise she would have been in the hospital over the weekend) and I went to pick her up and take her and Ruthie home.  I stayed with her that first day to make sure she had everything she needed and to help her.  Ruthie is a beautiful baby and soooo good.  I went back on Monday and spent the day with Alina and she is doing very well.  Tuesday, I took her to the doctor to get out her stitches.  Praise God for a healthy baby and a young, capable mother!!

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