Monday, August 24, 2015

Summer Wrap Up 2015

Summer has come and gone!  But, the memories will be with us forever...
We had a good summer....busy, but, good!

We started out with the Reno and Dental Team.  During this week, I became a dental assistant, translator and hand holder!  We focused on our Transition kids and a group of kids that came up from Rosiori each day.  We saw 69 patients and did one bridge, one crown, ten sealants, 142 fillings and 62 extractions!  Even Ruthie and Emi got in on the action and each had one tiny cavity filled. 

The theme of our summer camps was "We Will Be Victorious!"
We focused on faith, hope, purpose, discipline, purity and perseverance...
We had an obstacle course, stories, crafts, games, snacks and of course the highlight of the summer...POOL TIME!!!

 Everybody's favorite day is pizza day, of course!!

 Celebrating the BTH graduation of Emil!  Ruthie and Emi were the present deliverers!

One of my favorite things to do during the summer is teen camp!  This summer we held three teen camps...two of which were day camps and one that was an overnight camp!  The highlight was definitely the activities at Snagov, complete with Angry Birds, a Zipline, a Climbing Wall, and an obstacle course.  The kids had a blast!

One of the highlights of my summer was having a team come from Heritage Bible home church in California!  They helped us run two of our teen camps!  They made friends for life and had a blast participating, leading, and hanging out with our teenagers!

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