Monday, January 23, 2012

What I Do When I'm Home!

My time at home is always very, very busy and this year was no exception!  I arrived the day before Thanksgiving and immediately went to visit supporters on Thanksgiving Day (thankful for the Kuest's that they provided a yummy Thanksgiving meal and great fellowhip)!  The fam came next and then it was off to Hume Lake to visit Tanner and Jett and of course Jay and Jen, too.  We had such fun putting up their Christmas tree, having and tea party, playing in the park and walking by the lake!

After I was at Hume, I came home to my parent's house to do some resting and relaxing....haha!  I filled my days with speaking at my church, shopping, and visiting with friends.  I finished off that time with a little trip to Disneyland with my friends!

The last part of my time was spent visiting Micah and Lucy and Jill and Adam, of course!  We had lots of fun going to Skywalk, going out and looking at the beautiful Christmas lights, and making lots and lots of Christmas cookies!  Micah loved helping Jill and I in the kitchen!

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were the last two things on my agenda!  I'll save that for my next post!!

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