Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Johnson Family Christmas 2011

I was blessed to be home for Christmas this year.  Since I spent the week up at my sister's house the week before Christmas, we decided to have it at her house.  We spent that week preparing for the occasion; baking, cooking, and even squeezing in a manicure!  Micah was a huge help and kept volunteering his services!!  
As is normal for the Johnson family, the kids had to have a little performance before they could open presents!  My mom found the best costumes!  They were very cute.  The minute Tanner put on her costume, she took on the role of Mary and became very calm and serene and held the "baby Jesus" so nicely.  Enjoy the performance through these pictures!

 Christmas Eve evening, my mom, dad and I drove up to Hume Lake and spent the night at my brother's neighbors house.  We were up bright and early and went over to watch Jett and Tanner get their gifts from Santa!
Tanner got the dollhouse she wanted!

And Jett got a rocking horse made by my brother!

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