Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tusi Time!

I spent the month of December stateside in California.  While there, I spent one week with my niece and her mom and dad and then one week with my nephew and his mom and dad.  With Tanner, my niece, I was able to help them pick out their Christmas tree, go to the swings, and hang out at their house.  We had a fun time playing, decorating their Christmas tree, and taking pictures.

Do you see the sheer look of JOY on Tanner's face?  We had a fun time running around Home Depot, playing chase and laughing!

Decorating the tree

Tusi and Tanner having lots of fun at Hume Lake
The next week, I went to spend time with and take care of Micah while his Mom and Dad were at work.  We had lots of fun going to the mall to play, going to my sister's school for lunch, and going to the zoo!

We had fun playing at home!

Here we are trying to get a really great picture of Micah for his Christmas card...

At the zoo with Mr. Micah...I think we were looking at a bird!

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