Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The beginning of March always brings us a little team.  No exception this year!  We hosted three lovely ladies from Michigan!  We had fun taking them to Ramona's Bible Study where we baked, studied Psalm 23 and played charades.  After that we were off to the boy's house and Rosiori where we baked, had a lesson with the boys and the kids in Rosiori and learned to do quilling.  The rest of their time was spent between Peris, Voluntari and the baby hospital and celebrating birthdays!

She is six and this smart one learned to tie her shoes!  We keep telling her to stop eating so she will stop growing and learning how to do all these big girl things!

These two just love to play in the folded up stroller.  Daria will pull all the snacks and dirty kleenexes  out of the pockets!  Little cuties!

So, for about the last couple of years, Jen and I have been talking about wanting to take Ruthie to Disneyland Paris.  Well, our dream became reality.  We took a long weekend and finally took her.  It was before all of the spring vacations and Easter holiday, so, we got really good prices on flights, park tickets and our hotel.  Melissa went with us and we all had a great time experiencing Ruthie's first flight and Disneyland through the eyes of a six year old!  It was a little cold and one day it rained, but, we still had a great time.  When we ask Ruthie what her favorite ride was, "The teacups!!"  The first time she rode it though, she was a little scared.  She loved meeting the characters, Small World and the indoor pool at our hotel.  We even had a room with bunkbeds and she slept in the top bunk all four nights!  We also visited the Eiffel Tower our first afternoon in Paris.  Ruthie didn't really want to go, but, we told her she would thank us later!!

Last weekend, we took a little day trip to Brasov with some of our graduate girls, Mirela and Alina Mica, and Isabela, the girls that is currently in the girl's program.  It was nice to get out of the city and have fun with the girls!

Whew!!  March was busy!!  Now for April....three teams all in the first two weeks of the month and Easter!


  1. I have just come across your blog and it is inspiring. Thank you for all the good you are doing for so many boys and girls; may the Lord bless you every and each day!

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