Saturday, January 7, 2017

Jesus is the Reason for the Season

December was jam packed with lots of activities, like usual.  By the middle of the month, Jen and I had pretty much finished up all of the shopping and had all the wrapping done!
Snowman pancakes with Ruthie for December 1st!

 We baked a lot of cookies!!!

This is the 3rd year for our pink Christmas tree!!!  We had fun decorating it together at our annual Christmas decorating party!

Decorating cookies with the BTH boys!!  They are very creative!

Celebrating Christmas with the Badea family!

The little girls LOVE to paint...mostly themselves!!  They each got baths after this!!

The staff Christmas party was a progressive dinner.  We started at Ghita and Ramona's for appetizers and a directed drawing project.  Then, we went to Corny's for soup and a game.  After Corny's we came to the team house for the main course and round one of presents.  We finished the evening at Snagov for dessert and to open the presents from our secret Santa.  Everyone is such good cooks!!

Visiting Santa at the Christmas market...Karla wasn't too sure about him!

Happy 5th Birthday, David!!

Christmas parties and celebrations at the orphanage.....we took the youth group kids to have dinner at our house, to see the lights and to have hot chocolate at Starbucks!

Ruthie had an exposition for her ballet class.  She is really good and has such poise!

The kids at church sang some songs and did an angel dance.

 Christmas Caroling on Christmas Eve with the transition kids and staff

Whew!!  What a busy, but, blessed month!!


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