Saturday, January 7, 2017

Fall 2016

Happy 1st Birthday, Daria!!

Stop growing, my precious!  Ruthie started Kindergarten!
While sissy is at school, the little girls play!

Shortly after school started, we opened up our transition programs for the year.  We have six boys and one girl.  Three of the boys are from Peris and we have worked with all of these kids for many years. This means that we can start at a whole other level with these dear ones!

Isabela is our only girl this year!  She is near and dear to my heart and is learning what it means to work.  After one week of being in our program she got hired on full time at Starbuck's.  After one week of working, she decided to quit...was advised that she better get her job back and has been working there for three months now!

Abygail Mirea is our only H2H grandkid that we had not met because she and her parents live in England.  They were in Romania this fall and she was dedicated at their church.  We, of course, went so that we could meet her.  They, also, came to our house to visit for a couple of days.

Happy 6th Birthday, Ruthie!!

Happy Halloween!!  Our traditional Mrs. Potato Head Princess Pumpkin!!

I made 7 handprint/footprint calendars with the girls this fall to give as Christmas presents!!  Not quite as easy as it looks with two one-year olds and a six-year old!  Ha!

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