Saturday, August 20, 2016

Spring 2016

Springtime is usually busy with lots of teams, however, this year H2H had two spring teams: CCC and Canada!  These two teams spent lots of time at the orphanages and served well alongside of the H2H team.
CCC Team
Canada Team
While the Canada team was here, I was able to travel with the staff to the Northern part of Romania for a H2H staff road trip/retreat.  I visited a part of the country that I had never been to before; the scenery was beautiful.  We visited the Happy Cemetery, a salt mine, Hunedoara and the Corvin Castle, and stayed in a "castle" (well at least that's what the website said)!

The H2H staff plus Canada Team at our "castle"

Easter is always a fun time in Romania.  This year we had five of our nine grandkids here to help us celebrate, so, of course we had to document it with lots of cute pictures!  The golden egg once again made it's return to our celebration; hidden in a cupcake this year, found by one of the boys from the Boy's Transition House.

Ruthie and Rebeca: These two haven't spent much time together the last couple of years, but, became fast friends!
The elusive "Golden Egg"!  He doesn't realize just yet that the egg is inside the cupcake...
Yep, you found it....the "Golden Egg" was in the cupcake!! 
Nearly impossible to get a great picture with all five kids!

This year's Girl's Transition House girls: Flori and Marinela
Sunny!  She's a DIVA!!!

Cutie Patootie!!
I decided to plant a garden this year....Ruthie helped me....  I wasn't very happy with the crop, but, it was sure fun watching things sprout and grow!

  The Lord has blessed me with being able to watch these three grow, explore and learn new things everyday!

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