Saturday, August 20, 2016

June 2016

The calm before the storm.  I kicked off June by attending a very special graduation.  It's not very often that our kids from Peris are able to attend and graduate from high school.  Two years ago, you may remember this picture that I posted....

Nine kids started the year, six are pictured here, because by the second or third week of school, this was how many were still there.  Two years later, four graduated from high school!!!  I am so proud of them that they were able to overcome coming from a "special" school and attending a regular high school.  Way to go guys!!  Actually, the girl in the top left corner also finished high school, just at a different school!!  Way to go, Oana!!  I'm proud of you, too!

June was spent getting the houses ready for 37 people in July, end of school field trips and activities, hosting the Reno team and celebrating Ruthie's preschool graduation.
Field trip with the Peris kids!  How did my boy get to be almost as tall as me and 13 years old?

Voluntari kids reward party at Pipera
Holding on for dear life because the water is COLD!!
Transition House Graduation with Flori and Marinela

Ruthie's preschool program...she is in the black dress
How is it that the preschool years are over and she is now starting Kindergarten??

David (one of the H2H grandkids) and his mom Lumi at his preschool program
Peris end of the school year program
A quick day trip to the seaside with the Reno team and my girls!
We had already finished our ice cream, but, we will always suffer and go to Emilia's Creamery!!
June is over...ready, set, go!!  Bring on July and two big teams.....37 people the first part of July and 19 people the second part of July!  Our kids are blessed to have so many hands and hearts to serve them this summer!

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