Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Actually, these pictures were taken the day before Valentine's Day at Voluntari!  We have been trying to do some really fun things at the orphanage, especially for holidays.  I downloaded the new Pete the Cat Valentine's Day book onto my iPad, because who doesn't love Pete the Cat!  The kids at Voluntari were more interested in touching the iPad and changing the page then they were the story.  However, the kids at Peris were so attentive and listened to the story so well…too bad we didn't take any pictures at Peris.  I cut out a big heart from cardboard and let the little kids take pictures with it and throw balloons through it!  They absolutely loved it!!  We also had a heart hunt and made homemade Valentines!  The little ones were so cute as they made them for their favorite supervisors at the orphanage.  Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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