Wednesday, February 19, 2014


A couple of weeks ago, I took Ruthie to the orphanage with me.  She was on a break from school and her mom was working, so she pretty much went where I went and did what I did that week.  Anyways,  A little girl named Raluca at the Voluntari orphanage melted my heart the first day I brought Ruthie. She has only been at Voluntari for a couple of weeks so she is still learning the ropes and she is about four years old.  Raluca asked me who Ruthie was and if she was new there. I said no, she came with me and she is going home with me. With tears in her eyes, Raluca replied to that with, "Take me home with you, too!!" If only I could Raluca, if only I could.... Pray for her!! She is having a really hard time adjusting. I don't know her full story but my guess is she was in foster care and has now been returned to the system because they can't take care of her anymore!

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