Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Wee Little Trip to Scotland

To celebrate Kirsteen's birthday and to prepare ourselves for the upcoming spring and summer, the American and Scottish staff and I decided to take a wee little trip to Scotland...home of Kirsteen...our wee little staffer.  Kirsteen wanted to show us a little bit of her world and it was fun to meet up with some of our friends that had visited us in Romania on tenderfoot trips.  We were all split up amongst these friends and they showed us such wonderful hospitality.  So here is what we did:
Day 1:  We took a day trip to Edinbourgh where we met up with Leslie Cameron (who has been over to Romania numerous times).  We had lunch with Leslie and then went to visit the Edinbourgh castle.  And of course we shopped the Royal Mile.  I even found a wee little kilt for my nephew.  We found this piper and paid one pound to take a picture with him.  After arrving back in Glasgow, we were all invited to Wanda and Brian's (where Krista and I stayed) for a wonderful dinner.  They told us about halfway through the meal that we were eating Hagis!
Krista and I at Edinbourgh Castle
Day 2:  We took a bus tour of Glasgow.  Unfortunately, it was raining that day and so we were forced to sit inside.  However, Mark took one for the team and sat outside in the rain and took pictures.  Our wonderful friends in Scotland hosted us at the church flat for a yummy dinner, birthday cake for Kirsteen and fun games led by Maggie (who has also been on numerous trips to Romania and has promised me a picture for my wall in my apartment).  smile
Here we are shopping in Glasgow.  We were trying on all of these hats and this lady just came up put one on and we all snapped a photo!
Day 3: Our hosts took us for a day trip to see some beautiful lochs, the coastline of Scotland, and Inverary Castle.  When we arrived home we went to Wilma and David's home and ordered in fish and chips.
At the coast in was a wee bit cold!
Here we are all at Inverary Castle
Day 4:  Departure Day.  We attended the service at Kirsteen's church and then left immediately for the airport.  Much thanks to all of my Scottish friends for hosting me and making me feel welcome...especially Wanda and Brian for the home stay!  It was wonderful!

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