Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Wedding of the Century

On May 8th, H2H hosted its first Christian wedding ceremony at the team house.  Robi and Alina commited their lives to each other for better or worse, through sickness and health, in richer and poorer, till death do they part.  It was fun to be apart of all the preparations and program.  Pictures are worth a thousand words so here is the day from all the pictures taken on this day...
Jim walked her down the aisle
With this ring, I thee wed
Lovely flute music
Mr and Mrs. Robert Vaduva
H2H staff with the bride and groom
This is the cake I made for the big day.  It was three tiers and I hear it was really good.  It was gone by the time I served it all...
No wedding is complete without games!  Games?  Yes, as is typical Romanian fashion we had games.  Since Robi and Alina will be becoming parents in October or November we wanted to see who would be dressing the baby.  I think Alina will be doing the task!
Don't jump!!  Really it was a joke!
May the Lord bless this new family!


  1. How exciting! Do they still get married at the State office first and then in the church? I always loved seeing the couple parade from the gov't to the church to get married...I just don't know if the laws are still the same...

    And, what a treat that you could play at the wedding!

  2. Hi Rachel...yes....they always have a civil ceremony first (ours had theirs 2 weeks earlier) and then the Christian ceremony!!

    Yes I played at the wedding but I am so out of practice!!