Sunday, November 8, 2009

Trip to Sinaia

As a reward for finishing the probation period, the girls at GTH got to come along with the staff and Maggy and Leslie to Sinaia.  First stop was the glass factory in Ploiesti.  Everyone enjoyed shopping and we sure did enhance the economy for this factory.  The girls were allowed to each pick out one glass Christmas tree bulb as a rememberance from the trip.  From there we headed up to Sinaia.  We stopped for lunch at the little pizzeria that we like and then drove up to the monastary.  We walked up to the castle and the girls went on a tour of the beautiful Peles castle while the rest of us sat around and talked and had coffee.  We did a little bit more shopping up by the castle, looked at the monastary and then headed home.  For this trip the girls received an early Christmas present.  They didn't really have any warm jackets so I decided to give them the gift now as opposed to at Christmastime.  After I had all the jackets out and they had all four picked out the one they wanted they thanked me for the jackets and Catalina asked me, "Jenny, who else do we need to thank?" This took me a lttle bit by surprise because sometimes in the past the girls have kind of always thought they should be handed things on a silver platter.  I was very appreciative of their thankfulness and told them that the jackets were a gift from God!

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  1. That says a lot about her character to thank you and wonder whom else she could thank. Looks like you are doing a wonderful job with the girls, too. May God give you the wisdom, strength and creativity to continue to do well!