Thursday, January 25, 2018

Fall 2017

Fall went very fast in Romania!  I returned from vacation the first of October and jumped right in with many programs starting almost immediately.  
This year I am teaching reading classes with the kids at Peris!  This is the first time I have been back in the classroom in awhile and it has taking a little bit of getting used to and a lot of lesson planning.  The first week I planned between 15-20 hours.  I thought that if it took me this long every week, there was going to be a big problem.  I have five groups that are all of various levels...three of my groups can basically do the same thing with a few variations and the other two groups do completely different things.

Like every year, we opened our transition programs at the beginning of October.  We have two boys this year.  They are brothers, Eugen and Florin.  They are both studying this year for their end of high school exam and learning the skill of welding.  We also have three students in university that are doing a very modified program.  I try to get them to come to my house every other week and do a cooking lesson with them.
Eugen and Florin
Eugen, Florin, Claudia, Alex and Mari
Cooking with the college kids

We celebrated Ruthie's 7th Birthday!!  How did that happen??  How can she be seven already?

Finally, before I left to go home for furlough, we celebrated Thanksgiving here in Romania.....Heart to Heart style!  We served about 60 people, turkey and all the fixings, had an amazing time of sharing God's goodness in our lives and a fun time hanging out with each other!
It is much easier to make zwieback (bread) with this fancy machine!!
The pre-party!!

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