Friday, August 25, 2017

April and May 2017

April and May had times of being hectic and times of calm!  At the beginning of April, we had three teams here all at once!  One of those teams was a team from Hume Lake Christian Camps and my brother just happened to be on that team.  They were here to do some filming because we were chosen by them to be their featured missions organization for their summer camps!  They did some amazing work while they were here and am excited to see what the Lord will bring from this ministry that they have with the students that come to camp!  They all did a great job portraying what the ministry of H2H is all about!!!!!!

We celebrated Easter with our H2H family gathering and of course we had the golden egg again this year!  Nicu Perghel from this year's boy's house found it high up in a tree inside of another egg!  We are going to have to come up with a better, really good hiding place next year!

We celebrated Marian's birthday on Easter Day!
7 out of 10 H2H grandkids....They don't all know how to look at the camera yet!!

And, of course, we had some spring teams!!  Busy, busy, busy!!!
The Hume Team
The Mission Possible Team
The CCC Team
The Biola Team


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