Tuesday, April 12, 2016

My Babies

You may have noticed on Facebook that I've posted quite a few pictures of babies, recently.  That's because, unofficially, we are having a H2H "daycare" at our house.  Alina and Ioana both work, so to help them out, we keep their girls.  Karla comes two days a week and we usually pick up Ruthie from her pre-school 1-2 days a week.  Daria comes three days a week and stays with her Daddy two days a week.  Karla is an easy baby to handle; eats and sleeps like a gem....Daria is a little bit more difficult; doesn't really like to eat or sleep.  Ruthie is doing well in her pre-school; learning her letters and numbers.  Next year, she will go to Kindergarten.  All three of them are well loved!  My prayer for all three is that they will grow up not just knowing our love or their parent's love, but also, the love of Jesus!

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