Wednesday, May 28, 2014

In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb

March was a crazy whirlwind of interns, the Mission Possible Team, lots of fun kid time, walking around Herastrau Lake and Elena's going away party!
Having fun with the kids at Voluntari
 The Lord blessed H2H with two interns this last winter, Tyler and Heather!!  They got along like a brother and sister and were just the extra hands that we needed!!
I do 4 main things when we have teams here….
Drive them places...
Cook for them….
Help them at the orphanage….
…and host events like Mommies and Me at our house!!
We love to go to the Voluntari orphanage and hang out with the kids outside.  Sometimes we just play, but sometimes we take a story and a craft!
This is my cute and SASSY Alexandra!!  She runs into my arms screaming, "Mommyyyyyyyy," every time I show up!!
Daniel and the Lion's Den masks!!
Jen and I decided to take Ruthie to the park one Saturday morning when she was at our house.  It was a beautiful day and we thought we might try to walk around the whole lake.  It was actually a much longer distance around than we thought it was, and well, with a three-year-old, we only made it about 1/3 of the way and she was tired.  We ended up carrying her on our shoulders!  After we got some lunch in her (and found the playground toys) she was much happier and loved her chocolate ice cream!

The last big event of March was Elena's going away party.  Last May, some of our team members fell in love with Elena and her sweet spirit and decided to try to help her get a Visa to come to America as a student!  Everything fell into place and she moved to North Carolina at the end of March.  I, of course, miss her to pieces here in Romania, but, am glad for the experiences that she is having in her new family!

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