Friday, February 22, 2013

Baltic Cruise Vacation-Part 2

Day 8 and 9
We spent two incredible days in St. Petersburg, Russia!  The sights were amazing...we had a great tour guide and I took a picture of an amber room that I wasn't supposed to.  What a rebel I am!  St. Petersburg is the former capital city Leningrad with an amazing history, beautiful palaces and gardens, churches and museums.
I could have gotten busted for this picture that I took on the sly...this room is made of all mosaic amber!  Very beautiful!

Lunch with people that were on our tour

Today we visited Helsinki, Finland--where there are a lot of lakes and a lot of trees.  We started out our tour visiting this really cool sculpture, followed up by a visit to a church that was made in the rocks.  Also, did a little shopping, visited another church and the sites around town.

Day 11
We arrived in Stockholm, Sweden where it was raining, overcast, and a little foggy.  Actually, all the places were a little cooler that what we were used was a nice break from hot and humid.  Stockholm is made up of many different little islands.  The views going into Stockholm were supposed to be beautiful so we decided to get up early to go see them from the Observation Deck.  However, because of the weather, it was a little difficult.  We saw them on the way out though, when the sun started to peek through.  I was sure glad that we had a tour to go on today because it would have been hard to navigate by ourselves.
It was very windy...
...and COLD!!!
Day 12 was another day at sea!  Rest and relaxation were the order for the day as our vacation was quickly coming to an end! It was another cold and rainy day, but we were determined to sit outside and also sit in the hot tub one last time!
Another cooking demonstration!

The last supper on the ship

Day 13
Time to go home!  We disembarked from the ship, caught our bus and had a lot of time before we had to catch our plane.  We could have toured around Copenhagen a little bit more.  But, no!  We searched high and low to have rhubarb ice cream one more time!!!  This made me very happy!

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