Thursday, August 11, 2011

Girly Camps

This summer we facilitated four girly camps at our Snagov house.  The girls learned all about the Purity Code and how to live a sexually pure life in the eyes of God.  Some of the lessons involved turning trash into M&Ms (to show that what we put into our minds can either be good or bad), eating a really good hamburger and then blending a hamburger (to show how messed up our lives can get) and examining a pig's heart (to demonstrate that we need to guard our hearts).  The girl's had fun doing girly things...nails, facials, flower making, cooking, various other crafts, and a photo scavenger hunt extravaganza.  It was neat to see the girls reconnect with friends from past years and also to see new friendships formed.  The last camp was my favorite.  There were only four girls and four staff.  It was really great for them to have the one on one attention and we were able to have more in depth conversations with them.

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